Back In the Neighbourhood...

It's been a while since I posted on here, I've been lazy, OK, I lie, I was up on the Gold Coast for 5 days and managed to snag a swell at the Superbank which had the blessed winds from the South to go with it. While I was there I broke in my new JS Konfusion. This board is a board that you should jump on! It paddled really well and was an easy board to ride. The single-to-double concave in the back mixed with the slight double under the front foot meant that it went anywhere I wanted it to go. It didn't take much to get this board moving down the line, and it kept it's speed through turns also. Get one!!! RRP $765

By Thursday the swell had backed off a touch, so I decided to give an all time favourite of mine, a Chilli 'Step-Down'. I ride this board more than anything at the moment around home, and I can't really fault it. Again, this board paddles really easily and you'd ride this one 1-2" shorter than your regular shortboard. It goes great in Sydney beachies, so you can only imagine how it would go on 2-3ft little runners. Chilli has been shaping these a lot for the likes of Mitch Coleborn and a few other select individuals. RRP $750

Being back home, I've now got the hard task of coming to terms with what is on offer for us in Sydney. Luckily, this is easier to deal with knowing that I can rely on my Lee Stacey 'Twist'! Lee originally came up with this board whilst he was in California for the Trestles event last year. He noticed that Dane was riding something different from the pack and blowing minds. On waves like we've had over the last few days, you'll have an absolute blast! Lee has made this model for guy's like Kolohe Andino and Mitch Crews. RRP $730

If you've been paddling around out Bondi lately, you may have seen a gentleman named Alex blazing on a strange looking board from Firewire. His board of choice is the new Sweet Potato. It's a funky looking, flat, wide quad set-up with a big 'spine' down the middle. As you're probably aware, we aren't greeted with the most amazing conditions and boards like this make it all worth it. Alex has been riding a 5'2 x 21 x 2 3/8. RRP $785
Chilli also has something to beat those Summer blues...the Red Peppa. A super flat, super fast punting machine. A hit with Chilli test pilot, Ellis Ericsson. You can ride this up to 4-5" shorter than your regular shortboard. It will catch waves with ease due to it lower entry rocker and fly through flat sections. RRP $750

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