BACK IN BLACK Softlite have stepped it up and are the first company making foamies to include an all BLACK colour combo to their range. They haven't made a whole heap of these, so when they sell out, they sell out. To make sure you get your hands on one, come in and place an order! Softlite have also added a 5'9 Quad Fish this year. We will be receiving these over the coming weeks....Stay Tuned. The cinema released film, Going Vertical, which is about "The epic search to unravel surfing's greatest mystery...who started the shortboard revolution?", is now in store. This movie probably didn't get as much media exposure as Bustin' Down The Door, but is definitely worth the watch. It's a movie that will keep fueling the debate of who was first, Australia's Bob McTavish, or American expat, George Greenough. These boards have been on order for FIVE months, and they finally arrived late last week! Neal Purchase Jnr is a man who shouldn't need much of an introduction, but we'll just say "Superbank, Goofy Foot legend". He also shapes a mean surfboard, and these Sweet Pea Quad's are no exception. The bridge the gap between retro and modern surfing nicely. You can bet your last dollar that these will not be on the shop floor for long. We've had a lot of interest in these since they arrived. To find out more, check out Ben's Blog at

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