The 2011 range of the 7S SUPERFISH have arrived in store. This board has been hugely popular over the last few years for thousands of surfers around the world.
The secret to the success of the Super Fish is in its design. The most obvious one is the step deck, this gives the board a huge buoyancy advantage but leaves the board with high performance rails. Secondly the bottom of the board features low entry rocker that feeds into a full length concave that helps the board get up and plane quickly. This feeds through to a double concave in the back to help get the most out of turns. The Super Fish will help you make sections that you never have before, it is fast and smooth. All boards are glassed with a 2 x 4oz deck and 1 x 4oz bottom with a patch on the fin area. We give the boards either the silky smooth Pro or Gloss Polish finish and they come standard with FCS M7 Quad Glassflex Series fins. The Super Fish is available in a range of sizes and also comes in an Epoxy version. Have a look at the sizing chart below;
SIZES length width thickness volume surfer weight 5'9" 201/2" 21/2" 29 ltr < 75kg/165lbs 6'0" 20 1/4" 25/8" 35 ltr 80kg/175lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs 6'3" 20 1/2" 23/4" 36 ltr 85kg/185lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs 6'6" 20 3/4" 23/4" 41 ltr 90kg/195lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs * surfer weights are based on board volume and rider being at intermediate skill level.

The Super Fish is also available in the Super Fish XL.The Super Fish XL was designed because of the constant feedback we got from bigger surfers and guys who ride longboards who wanted to get ona 6'3", but it was too small. So we introduced the three larger sizes. The feedback has been sensational. Depending on your size everyone can ride a Super Fish XL. The 6'8" for people around the 85kg / 185lb mark, the 7'3" for people between that and 90kg / 200lb mark. If you're a little larger or are after something that has a little more volume, then the 8'0 is the board for you. When you ride this board you will find that it paddles quickly because of the step deck. You can take late drops that you couldn't on a Longboard, and you'll be able to bottom turn like you haven't done for years. The Super Fish XL is a joy to ride. We have updated this model with the Quad option. This makes it go even faster and gives a new meaning to smooth turns. Sizes available are; SIZES length width thickness volume surfer weight 6'8" 21" 23/4" 43ltr 85kg/185lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs 7'3" 22" 3" 53ltr 90kg/200lbs +/- 5kg/10lbs 8'0" 23" 31/5" 71ltr 95kg/210lbs > * surfer weights are based on board volume and rider being at intermediate skill level.

If you require anymore information, don't hesitate to get in contact or drop into the store.

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