3 new JS models available now

JS has just released 3 new models in his range. The Revolution 2, Evolution and Dropped Swallow. THE REVOLUTION! One of JS industries best selling models of all time, its shape and construction (both of which have been improved on for 2013) make it a leading performer in small waves. The 3 key improvements to the REVOLUTION are the updated carbon, 5 fin setup and slightly fuller rails. The rails have been improved to give you the same response without catching or bogging in soft/sloppy conditions. THE EVOLUTION has been designed for the Revolution fans chasing the same feel and performance for when the waves get slightly bigger. While still an X-series model (medium conditions) EVOLUTION is positioned at the high performance end of the category with its best performance in average 2-6 feet conditions. Its flat rocker, subtle double to double concave gives the Evolution infinite speed, lift and minimal resistance. Unlike other smaller wave boards too much speed is no longer a problem; with a rounded pin you can utilize all your speed throughout your turns. The Evolution does not leave the Revolution redundant but rather compliments it. If your most common conditions are fuller shaped waves you will find performance in all conditions up to 6 feet with both models in your quiver. THE DROPPED SWALLOW We’ve taken all the best components of the Matrix, added some area to the nose, a smoother outline, new tail shape and created the Dropped Swallow… This new model will have you flying across any section in that 1-2 foot range. One of the main talking points is the new tail shape; the sawn off effect offers all of the drive and leverage points that you can expect from a square tail, while the semi-swallow still allows positive rail to rail transitions. The best combination from 2 proven tail shapes.

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