The DHD EPS range has been a huge success for the store. With 3 models to cover all levels from intermediate to high performance surfing. The boss has been riding the 3DV for the last 8 months from 2 foot Sydney summer / Indo and Winter surfing in King Island. The feedback has been that it works in all wind conditions ( unlike some Epoxy options ) it has heaps of spring and can work in bigger waves. The following txt is from the crew at the factory explaining in more detail

Our EPS Technology is designed with the highest standard in EPS/Epoxy materials. The fusion of a Biaxial Fibre Glass cloth enhances the boards performance adding controlled flex, durability and lightness.

The 3DV is a union of performance and volume for the CORE surfer looking to take ones surfing to that next level.

Enhanced with a slight VEE running through the tail to initiate turns with less effort and will release more drive from rail to rail surfing.

Perfect for all conditions from small to pumping waves 1 to 4 ft +