Sometimes choosing the right surfboard can be time consuming and lets face it with all the information available out there in web land, it can also be a little overwhelming.

Selecting the right surfboard is crucial when it comes to getting maximum enjoyment out of your surfing, regardless of ability. Here I will detail a few things that will help you in selecting that magic craft.

A soft board is a vital addition to any quiver if you’re a surfer in the Eastern suburbs. When summer comes along and the flags go up, soft boards are the perfect choice to avoid the crowds and get a few waves to yourself in restricted areas.

For the Groms or Beginner looking for their first board, a soft board will make surfing safe as the board has no sharp fins or a pointy nose. Boards range in length from 5’2 to 8’0 and we stock only the best from Softlite, Softech, El Nino and Catch Surf. In store one of our friendly staff can recommend the right size and help get you out there for your first wave.


Let’s be honest, if you’re just starting out there is no point in selecting a high performance short board designed for someone who has years of experience.

It will just amount to you not having fun and more than likely giving up. As your experience and ability grows so does the choice of surfboards. We have shapes instore for all levels of surfing. Be honest about where you’re doing most of your surfing and your ability. This will help us give you the right advice when choosing a board.

Beginners 0 – 1 years Experience – A Soft board or Mini mal as long as about an arm span above your head. This will be the most stable platform whilst learning how to surf.

Intermediate 1 – 4 years Experience – A higher volumed fish board thats still stable enough whilst allowing you to link a turn or 2 together, start duckdiving and surfing different types of waves as you are progressing.

Intermediate / Advanced 4 – 8 years Experience – Hybrid or All round shortboard or high peformance shorty(at the end of the scale). This board will allow you to really start linking some turns together in a variety of conditions and types of waves.

Advanced 8 – 25 + years experience – Whatever you feel comfortable riding. By now you should know what does and doesnt work for you and the length/volume you like. Dont be afraid to keep up with current shaping trends by trying new shapes to progress your surfing though.

Whether you surf every day of the week or once a month, this is a key factor in helping you choose the right board.

Fit to very fit surfers will usually ride less volume(the amount of foam inside) in a board than someone of the same weight only surfing once a month. If you’re missing waves, you’re not having fun so with this in mind a little bit too much foam is generally better than not enough.

There are so many different shapes out there that work well in certain conditions, some work better in Reef breaks, some better in beach breaks or even fat point break style waves.

Be honest about where your going to be surfing most of the time. Theres no point buying a 7’2 Indo gun if you only surf South Bondi shorey every day.

0 – 1 ft – High volumed fish or Longboard.

1 -3 ft – Fish or Hybrid board to All rounder

2 – 4 ft – All rounder to high performance short board depending on wave quality and power.

4 – 6 ft – High performance shortboard to step up depending on wave quality and power.

6 – 8 ft – Step up board to Mini Gun depending on wave quality and power.

8 – 12 ft – Mini Gun to Gun, by this stage if you haven’t figured out what boards you should be riding you shouldnt be out there.


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