Nu Wavr – Misfit shapes


Surfculture has taken delivery of 2 new models recently, first up the Nu Wavr from Misfit shapes. check out the details below:


“The NU WAVR is our new ‘Single Fin-Multi’, a modern take on a classic single fin and the latest in a line of ‘specialty’ models following on from the highly sort after MERMAID KILLER and collaboration boards DOPE MACHINE and SINISTER KID.

This board is designed retrospectively, drawing from a classic pintail vee bottom single fin but with modern inspiration, most notably the option to ride this board as a quad, 2 + 1, thruster or single fin, making the board super versatile and dynamic.

OUTLINE – the board has a fuller nose, which tears off into a classic area pin. The wide point is set a little higher, like boards of that era, but overall the outline is super clean, which allows water to flow around it with no breaks giving the rider a smooth flowing experience and ability to draw effortless lines.

CONTOURS/ CURVES – again like boards of that era, the NU WAVR has subtle rolled vee through the entry flowing into a slight double concave and again vee exiting through the tail. This more modern combination gives the board a graceful rail-to-rail feel perfect for flowing highline pumps and big driving bottom turns.

RAILS – the nose and tail of the board have subtle beaks to keep a little extra volume but the rails are medium/low, pulled down especially in the back third of the board to allow for hold and drive.

ROCKER – the board has a flat but continuous rocker from nose to tail, giving it paddle ease, but again having the vee break away slightly from the stringer line through the tail, allows for fluent and flowing turns.

The NU WAVR is everything you dream about in a retrospective board – speed, grace, glide, flow but ultimately it is a single fin with multiple fin options designed by a progressive ‘shortboard’ shaper, so the board loves to turn, it can be pushed hard, its sits an amazing line in the barrel and it suits anyone who is looking for a classic single fin feel.

Order short for beachies and rip bowls or with length for points and big Mex or Indo growers.”

Height   Width   Thickness   Volume literage

5’4      19 3/8     2 1/4       25.7
5’5      19 7/16  2 5/16      27
5’6      19 1/2     2 3/8       28.2
5’7      19  9/16  2 7/16     29.1
5’8      19 5/8     2 7/16      30
5’9      19 11/16 2 1/2       30.7
5’10    19 3/4     2 1/2       31.7
5’11    19 13/16 2 9/16     32.7
6’0      19 7/8      2  9/16    33.3
6’1      19 15/16  2 5/8       34.7
6’2      20              2 5/8       36
6’4      20 1/8      2 11/16   38
6’6      20 1/4      2 3/4       40
6’8      20 3/8      2 3/4       42     

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