Gato Heroi – Space Roach & Space Pig

Just arrived in store, 2 beautiful new sleds from the guys at Gato Heroi. We did have 3 but the Smooth Operator didn’t last a week in the racks. Check them out below and in store.

Custom orders available. Email for more info

The Space Roach is fairly different from other gato’s where you really rely on positioning on the wave to generate speed, with their traditionally rolled bottoms. The roach on the other hand gets that single fin feel from high-lining etc with the subtle roll through the front, but it is actually really squirty off the tail with the double concave. We still keep the volume down in the rails like most gato’s so you can really bury it in turns, stops it feeling to corky, and holds in nicer in hollow sections. it has plenty of width so you just dont need all that volume and it still paddles well. It also has this rad little sweet spot toward the front where you can shuffle up and almost cheater 5 and it accelerates.



Clearly influenced by Wayne Lynch, the space pig is an amazingly versatile mid-length in all conditions – beach-breaks, reefs and points. A generous outline, pinched rails and light vee bottom allows the rider to stay in trim, change direction in a flash and reach the nose in the right sections. Versatile and ideal for travel, but also for those days when changing conditions make for a difficult choice of board.


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