Gato Heroi Now instore


We now have a small offering of boards from Gato Heroi, Currently in store is a 7’6 Space pig and a 9’4 Smooth Operator.


Clearly influenced by Wayne Lynch, the space pig is an amazingly versatile mid-length in all conditions – beach-breaks, reefs and points. A generous outline, pinched rails and light vee bottom allows the rider to stay in trim, change direction in a flash and reach the nose in the right sections. Versatile and ideal for travel, but also for those days when changing conditions make for a difficult choice of board.


The name sums it up well … A stable board with slight rocker, a rolled bottom and rails that allow the rider to stay in the pocket. The widepoint is set back slightly for stable noseriding and thin rails facilitate drop-knee turns and manoeuvrability. This is a classic version of its little sister, the Operator, slightly narrower with a little more volume in the rail for easy glide on smaller days.

Check out some other models HERE

Custom Orders available. Contact for more info.


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