Creed McTaggart Interview


Check out what Creed has to say about his Latest Hayden Shapes creation, the Love Buzz.

What is it about the shape and design of the Love Buzz that suits your surfing?

I guess it’s really loose but draws really smooth lines. Growing up in WA the waves change quite dramatically everyday which is fine for the Love Buzz because it goes well in waves 2 foot to 6 foot.

The Love Buzz has been in the works for a while now right?

I think it’s been about 2 years now… It’s kind of grown a lot since Hayden and I first started doing that kind of thicker/fatter short board. I’ve pretty much had one or two Love Buzz models on every trip I’ve done in the past year so it’s been tested a lot and in a massive variety of waves.

Talk us through the surfer / shaper relationship and design process between yourself and Hayden.

I don’t really know too much about the science of surfboards… I would love to learn more. I kind of just surf the board a bunch and if I’m not really feeling it I’ll try to describe what I don’t like about the board to Hayden. He normally explains how he can change the craft to suit my surfing…

What technology in this model do you ride most… FutureFlex or PE?

Future Flex.


5’10 1⁄2 x 19 1⁄4 x 2 7/16

We saw it ridden quite a lot in the film Strange Rumblings… Is there a recent magic session on the Love Buzz that really stood out to you?

There was a surf I had at Canggu this one morning… I had been partying the night before but somehow I had a really fun surf. That wave is kind of perfect for the Love Buzz because it’s just a really rip-able. I was doing strange things… But ended up getting a couple cool clips.

The Love Buzz is an all rounder for waves up to 4 feet. We see you riding it in some pretty solid WA waves. How does it feel in the bigger surf?

It does handle pretty well in bigger waves… I just put some bigger fins in. You can still draw quite long lines on the Love Buzz which is what I like on a big open face wave.

What is your go-to quiver for trips?

2 x 5’10 Love Buzz FutureFlex

1 x 5’9 Shred Sled FutureFlex

1 x 5’8 Custom Fish Shape in PE

1 x 6’0 Ando in PE.

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